Gunsmith - Sean Fraser serving Weatherford - Ft Worth - Dallas - TX 817-705-8671
Gunsmith - Sean Fraser serving Weatherford - Ft Worth - Dallas - TX817-705-8671

Gun Blueprinting - Weatherford - Ft Worth - Dallas -TX








Gun Blueprinting is a technique to vastly improve the accuracy of your firearm. 


Gunsmith - Sean Fraser has the skills, tools and full service machine shop to blueprint your gun.  


Below are just a few of the steps required to True the Action, Lug the Bolt and replace the Barrel to provide a square, concentric and more concise result for your firearm. 



The bolt face is squared across it's entire surface. 

The locking lugs are cut lightly to clean up the surface. 

Bolt sleeve for rifle bolt

Bolt body being trued in a four jaw lathe chuck.

Scribing the end marks on the bolt boldy with sleeve sections.  








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Gunsmith - Sean Fraser serving Weatherford - Ft Worth - Dallas - TX


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Custom Guns & Gun Blueprinting

Sean has the skills, tools and specialized machine shop eqiupment to build your custom gun.

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